Custom Made Booths

When our clients prefer a custom made booth we offer our customers complete service through all the demanding processes of Trade Shows and Exhibitions.
By taking advantage of years of experience with all major global exhibition centers, our full synergy with work teams around the world and our professional knowledge and familiarity with the network of service providers, our customers benefit in all areas; establishing and operating booths, shipping and warehousing, help with stand hosts and hostesses, and more.

Modular System

Meet MODULIGHT system
One of the world’s leading Modular Booth Systems!
The Modulight modular system offers a number of vital advantages:
Individual design according to customers needs, Easy to assemble- no need for expensive construction team, Impressive appearance, and finally, a modular system that looks like a real booth! In your next exhibition please ask for an offer from us and you will discover too the fastest, best cost effective and the most impressive booth you can get in your budget!

Find your Modulight booth
that fits your needs

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